Dear Animal Friend,

You have probably spent a lot of energy trying to maybe analyze, sense or just rely on your intuition for the following answers.

The fact is; that it is a really difficult exercise. So do not worry if you're not right.

Write it down if you got some of the materials or colours correct. Perhaps even energy or sensations from the countries concerned. Everything is good. 

You can practice your skill, by asking someone else to put some things in a container that is not transparent and make you tune in to them.

The easy thing about animals and humans is that there is a soul. It's a living thing. But all around, there is energy, so these things will also have an energy.



This was empty inside- did you sense that?

This container contained of 3 things:

  1. A red napkin generally used for supper time from Denmark.
  2. A hand-carved camel from the desert of Egypt.
  3. A dried up coral reef from Panama.

Did you notice or got the sense - energy etc., of any of these things?




Isabella Carmen Johansson