Hi, I’m Isabella Carmen Johansson.

I could write a lot about a life with chronic pain symptoms. Having suffered severe spinal injuries and head traumas at a very young age of my life.

But instead I feel like writing about where I am now.

Today I want to focus on happiness and joy. Fulfilling my dreams. And it is actually happening - one by one they’re being fulfilled.

Yes, I did take the long road, tried several treatments, painkillers, meltdown periods, and at the same time slaving to get money for this and that.

Yes, I did hope for a quick fix, but it never came- because there is no quick fix.

I decided not to end my life in the sofa, but to take responsibility and work myself out of the pain. Working with my intuition, bodywork, mental work and energetic work.

Inspired and helped by nature- meeting with my all time favorite animals - whales. Inspired by movements, dance, rhythm and yoga.

Yes, I’m still working with my body and my beloved animals everyday - but now it’s fun, and I feel vibrant and alive again. Like getting a second chance. I’ve still got the same body, but I’ve changed my attitude towards life and my body, and that makes the difference.

Today I’m centering my focus on helping our nature and the sentient beings on the planet. I’m focusing on the exchange of non verbal communication between the interspecies and between our mind and body.

Offering eco-retreats, yoga to make our bodies being yummi, and animal parenting.

Welcome to my life:)

What I gained already:
  • Becoming 100% Self-employed within 6 months
  • Being able to take days off, holidays, sick days etc.
  • Time and profit to develop my business
  • Mental and physical vitality
  • Being able to incorporate my physical exercises into my working day
  • Being a facilitator between interspecies; on eco yoga retreats and doing online work
  • Travelling a lot
What I wish for in the future:
  • To live and work in a warm sunny country
  • To be by the ocean - and in the ocean
  • To travel and explore the world even more
  • To create joy, happiness and love to the people and animals I work with
  • To do even more work - to help the planet, oceans, nature and wild animals
  • More abundance
  • To sail the South Pacific

My core values:






Inner and outer travel





Isabella Carmen Johansson