Felix (lived here since 2013).

In this class, it is Felix you have to meet. A little background info about him. He was very aggresive in the beginning, but chose to settle outside here. He has changed completely now. I do not know how old he is (he has told me, but it's an exercise for you.) 

These are the general answers and used as a guideline, to whether you are tuned in to the animals  energy or not. Maybe you've got a lot of answers in much more detail or maybe not. The answers should be seen as a guideline as you can not say, no / yes only, and the answers are not always one thing or the other. But some are more close to the truth than others, so it should be perceived as a guideline for your own communication and process. Please inquire when communicating with the animal for more details to practice and deepened your skill.

General characteristics?

Very cuddly and talkative. He is very protective around his area, and likes to go for the one who will violate his domain. When he loves someone, he does it fully. But one must earn his trust.

What does the house look like that you live in?

It's  a yellow farmers cottage house, the barn. But I live outside, along with a reddish cat. We are the two that want to stay outside all the time. I do not want to live inside a house, I've never been used to living inside, but I'm happy and safe. I get my food and a place to sleep.

How old are you?

10-12 years old.

What is your favorite food?

All kinds of food. Especially prawns or something with meat and sauce. I'm not used to getting good food. When I was a kitten, I had to fight for the food, so I just love food.

Are there other animals in your home?

YES - there are other animals in the home. A total of 8 others.

Which animals?


How many?


What colour are the animals?

They are different colour; black ones- and one black with long hair; patterned ones , striped ones and one gray.

Who is your best friend? Describe colour, species etc.

It is Gina, the red cat who lives outside, who is the mother of 3 of my children.

Are you in love? With whom? Describe colour, species etc.

A little bit in Gina, still. She is neutralized so we enjoy ourselves and just playing around and cuddling. I protect her.

Where is your favorite sleeping place? Describe the place, colours, surroundings.

Outside in the sun overlooking the fields and trees. I want to have an overview of who is coming and going. I often go for recognition to see the area and if everything is, as it should be.

What is your favorite job in the home?

To lie in the sun and under the table in the shade.

What is your favorite toy?

I do not play with toys. I like to play with mice and chase them.

Where is your favorite area to go when you're outside? Describe the area.

I do not really have a favorite area, just love to be outside, especially when the sun is shining. But probably,  most of the time the fields and the freedom to walk around.

How  do feel emotionally?  Describe if unbalanced.

I fell good emotionally now. But I've been let down by people, when I was younger. That has made me a cautious cat about other animals / people and I do not trust everyone. I can be a bit anxious and careful. I have experienced a lot of violence and that people have not been kind towards me. I'm still on guard and just have to make sure it's okay, before I can drop my guard.

How does your body feel? If  anything happened - describe when it happened and details about it.

Liquid running out of the eyes, but not something that hurts.

The nervous system is a bit overworked. Right side at the top shoulder and down the entire leg. It comes from having been in battle with another male cat. I sometimes have some breathing problems at times because of having being kicked and chased by people.

How was your childhood?

Terrible, very harsh and unfair. We (me and the other cats among other animals) lived on a large farm where there were, a cold concrete floor. It was a stable with only a little hay. He lived with a lot of other cats in the mud and very unhygenic and never with enough food.

We were treated like an outcasts. It was violent, being kicked at, thrown around. He has a small fracture on his right leg because of this brutality. There was a lot of turmoil - from the owners and cats. They saw us like wild animals. We only existed to catch mice and rats but otherwise have to be chased away and kept out of the way.

Then he ran away and became a wild cat and had to survive in nature itself. Make himself hard, in order to survive, even though he is very soft and sensitive inside.

Why do you talk so much?

I want to be heard and because I just want to talk to get attention. I've been using the sound to warn and now it's becoming a sound, that I use, because I just want to tell them I like being cuddled !! I like to talk and my "Miav" is my speech / my voice to the outside.

Why do you eat so fast?

I learned at an early stage, that if I did not hurry to eat when there was food, someone else ate it. Often there was no food  and I should constantly be alert to dangers, discomforts on the farm, and also when I lived in the wild. If not they would throw something after me, or point a gun towards me.

Why are you not aggressive anymore?

I have gained my freedom. Nothing is required of me. I can do as it suits me. I get food and care and hnow I've got a safe and loving home. So I'm not so afraid of humans anymore and do not have to fight with other animals about the food. Now I have been accepted by a family who loves me and therefore does not have to be aggressive.

Why are you so cuddly now?

I love being pampered. I didn't know it could be so nice. But  I feel it makes my cells vibrate and my heart singing. I simply love it. It feels safe and as if I can afford to be a little kitten again, but this time a safe place. I've finally found a family that loves me and I love them. Thank you for taking care of me. I love you. I'm so grateful that you had confidence and patience for me.

Do you have a message to humans - in general?

Keep believing in life and do not give up, even though life can be hard. Let the past be past and move on! There is often a reason why  animals are aggressive but do not give up. Find the reason why they are aggressive so the problem can be resolved. 

Do you have a private message to the person speaking to you?

This is a private message for you!

Do you have a mission / work here on earth?

Have trust and faith in others and enjoy life. Go out and do it - whats holding you back!!!!

Other things?

Believe in life - just believe!