Graamis  aa = a sound in  "All" ), born 2014:

These are the general answers and used as a guideline, to whether you are tuned in to the energyof the animal or not. Maybe you've got a lot of answers in much more detail or maybe not. The answers should be seen as a guideline as you can not say, no / yes only, and the answers are not always one thing or the other. But some are more close to the truth than others, so it should be perceived as a guideline for your own communication and process. Please inquire when communicating with the animal for more details to practice and deepened your skill.

General characteristics:

Graamis  is gray with a medium long coat. He's playful. But also behaves and acts like a king. When he wants attention, he get's it. Otherwise, he will make sure to  draw the attention to him to ensure that. He would like to sleep or snuggle alone. Often he finds a place where there is peace and calm around.With no other people or animals. Try tuning into more of his attributes if you want to.

What is your favorite food?:

He loves freshly made salmon and is also fond of his dry food. Here you can get more answers and everything is right.  Especially with fish and snacks.

Are there other animals in your home?

YES - there are other animals in the home. A total of 8 other cats.

If yes-which animals?


How many animals?


What colours are the animals?

They are different colour; black - one of the black with a long coat. Patterned and stripedones, but I'm the only gray / silver coloured.

Who is your best friend? Describe colour, species, etc.

It's my owner/guardian. I love her. I also love my sister - a black long-haired cat.

Are you in love? With whom? Describe colour, species, etc.

Not at the moment, but sometimes I see a beautiful reddish cat.

Where is your favorite sleeping place? Describe the place, colours, surroundings.

Several places. A chair upstairs by the bed, in the bedroom on the first floor. Sofa in living room, green sofa with red pillows. Red chair in the same living room. Sofa in the TV room.

What is your favorite job in your home?

Hunting mice at night or cuddling whenever I want to.

What is your favorite toy?

A stick with feather or string attached at the end. 

Where is your favorite area to go when you're outside? Describe the area.

The garden and the surrounding fields. Love to chase in the fields, especially where I can hide in the high grass. The garden too with all it's trees and secret hiding places.

How do you feel emotionally? Describe if unbalanced.

Im fine.

How does your body feel? If  anything happened - decribe when it happened and details about it.

No physical injury, but may be a little sore in the left hip if I have jumped too much around. Mostly when I was younger. I was also bitten in the tail, and had to go to the hospital and have an antibiotic treatment. I did not like that.

Do you have a message to humans in general?

Thank you for communicating with us. It's important that you keep communicating with animals, to understand us better.

Do you have a private message for the person speaking to you?

Private message just for you!

Do you have a mission / work here on earth?

To spread love and teach people about boundaries. 

Other things?

That you just hang out. Let go of worries about your animals. We're fine and strong- stronger than you might think. Be open in your heart, and just let love flow.l