Dear Animal friend,

Welcome to CLASS 5. 

Minerals, vitamins and diet:

We are going to work on how we can use animal healing and accupressure to tune in to vitamin, mineral or dietary problems.

Kinesiology originates in traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine works from the yin and yang principle of feminine and masculine.It's a complicated system, and this will only give you an insight. Please take a special course to dive into TCM -Traditionel Chinese Medicine.

YIN: YIN is connected to the central nervous system, the meridan REN. This affects all the organs connected with the YIN. If there's an imbalance in the body, it's the YIN energy we work with. Such as doing YIN yoga. 

YANG: YANG is connected to the peripheral nervous system -the meridian DU.

The 5 elements:

  • Water: Bladder (YANG) and kidney (YIN)
  • Earth: Stomach (YANG) and spleen (YIN)
  • Wood: Galbladder (YANG) and liver (YIN)
  • Fire: Heart + energy system pericardium (YIN) and small intestine + hormonesystem (YANG)
  • Metal: Lung (YIN) and intestine (YANG)


Qi is the energy flow in your body. If for example you walk home from work and feel tired. After an eight hour day, your energy can’t let you do anything anymore. However, you also know that there are demands to be met as soon as you walk in the door. If you want to make sure that you can keep up with the activity, you might want to learn how to check your Qi, or energy. If there is a part of your body that is blocked or disturbed, it can prevent you from getting what you want to done, or having the energy to be alert when you need to be. 

This means that your energy is moving too quickly or too slow in your body and in your organs.  Changing the flow of your Qi is what will help you to get back to the energy that you want to.

How to check you QI.

The first category, are when your internal organs dysfunction.

The second, are when outside sources affect your body.

The third catogory is categorized into trauma, where the damage comes from external or internal disturbances.

Within each of these different changes in flow by disturbance are specific target areas that can be focused on in order to move the body back to normal flow. For example, if you have suffered a trauma, your Qi will most likely change and become stagnated. This can cause pain in various places of your body. Your Qi, instead of moving upwards will move down. It will take a change in the flow of energy in order to change the trauma and pain.

We can use this in our awareness of animals, and when we check their bodies. Like humans they migh not know or be aware of all these things.


You can test for mineral or vitamin issues on yourself.  Place a picture of the animal besides you, and either use your hand to guide you and ask you, which minerals they need. Or you can visualize your own body, being a catalyst for the anima to test which vitamins and minerals are lacking.

An easy energy exercise; is to put ypur hands in a bowl in front of your hara chakra (below the navel) and scoop up the energy towards the heart. You can do that a couple of times and then place your hands in front of your heart in a greeting positition. That can lift your energy, or you can reverse it, if you need grounding that day.  It stimulates your nervous system and your meridian paths and balance yourself. This can also be used with a meditation before communicating with an animal. So you reset your system physically, too.

Ask if it's emotional, physical or energetic. Keep asking if it is something the animal is missing or just want.

If an animal lacks oil, I usually get dry in my mouth and feel dry "inside" my body. 

Practise on your own animal or a friends.

 Grounding meditation: 

Download audio


Acupressure and healing:

I have 3 books I would like to recommend here if you want to go deeper into these categories.

Hands on healing for pets - Margrit Coates

Animal accupressure

Natural health bible for dogs and cats

An amazing book to check symptoms, etc.

If you use the pictures you've got during the chakra week, you can also see some of the accupressure points. One reason is that the meridian pathways (bladder) run down the spine and if you focus your intention to heal one of these trigger points you can release tension and stagnated energy. Additionally, if the animal agrees, you may place a hand on the spot.

When healing an animal it can not remove all symptoms or a diagnosis. But in collaboration with a vet, it can relieve aches, pains, emotional issues or nergy blockages in the system. 

Animals read our nervous systems and each other's nervous systems all the time. They capture our energy, both good and bad all the time. Sometimeswhen the try to help us. They take on our pain, physical and emotional or energetic. So, it's important to give something back to them healthwise. Healing or what else you like to do or give.We also have to ensure that the animal has access to water and rest immediately after healing. Whether it's a distant or hands-on.


Refelection questions:

  • What is the biggest difference from when I started for now?
  • Do I notice a difference in my communication with animals?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my challenges?
  • If you have challenges, how will you overcome them?
  • Write down actual actions?
  • Anything else?


Isabella Carmen Johansson