Welcome to CLASS 11,

 This is the class where we will speak to animals, that has departed this world.

Here is a picture of the horse Steffen. He would like to help you with this class. He departed in April 2015, and he had lived his life fully on this earth. He was very clear in his last message while he lived. Time is now, I want to go away. He gave a big beautiful and proud goodbye. He was assisted by a vet who said that; "..in his long career as a vet, he had never seen a horse go away so quickly". It was beautiful and of course sad. But it was also right. So how do we deal with all this.

Talk to Steffen and ask him what message he will give you:

  1. General characteristics?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. Are there other animals in your home?
  4. If yes-which?
  5. How many? Species?
  6. What colour are the animals?
  7. Who is your best friend? Describe colours, species, etc.
  8. Are you in love? With whom? Describe colours, species, etc.
  9. Where is your favorite sleeping place? Describe the place, colours, surroundings.
  10. What is your favorite job?
  11. What is your favorite toy?
  12. Where is your favorite area to go when you're outside? Describe the area.
  13. How do you feel emotionally? describe in deatil his emotional state.
  14. How does your body feel? Did anything happen -and when?
  15. What is your background story?
  16. Do you feel happy? Sad?
  17. How did you depart?'
  18. Did you want to depart?
  19. Do you have a message to humans - in general?
  20. Do you have a private message to the person speaking to you?
  21. Do you have a mission / work here on earth?
  22. Other things?



Messages from beyond:

When do you know if an animal has passed? Is one of the most common questions I get.

The difference between when an animal is in pain, and in transit or gone completely is often quite clear.

Let's take an example.

  • A cat has gone missing. A very common thing unfortunately. We're tuning in to the cat.
  • We start by initiating contact as usual.
  • Perhaps we even figure ourselves in the cat if this method works for you.
  • If we feel or sense pain, discomfort, cold, or other bodily experiences, then it is often because we feel that the cat is alive. We can even ask it- are you alive? If there is a YES before you can think of something else, then it's alive *, and just ask further into surroundings etc so we hopefully can help it.
  • If we find it hard to feel it or not at all, it may not get in touch, but without a direct no, extreme cold, black / dark. It's often beacuse the animal is in transit. Bewteen the worlds. Either on its last breath or in transit * from being an earthly body to a celestial body. It may vary how long it will  take.
  • Sometimes we have to help them on to the other side.
  •  If the animal has died at a sudden death and has not really been ready to leave, transit time may take longer. Here we can  talk to the animal, comfort them. Provided we can get in touch and listen to what it takes to help them get over on the other side.
  • Sometimes they are sorry to have left the earth, and want to tell their owner/guardian a special message. Sometimes it's about forgiveness, or they do not want to accept their death.
  • Sometimes they know that they have to let go and die.
  • Some animals may strugle to die, because we hold on to them emotionally. So be aware of the animals wish.
  • If we feel a calm, peace, and no pain or sensations, they have departed *.
  •  There is often very clear communication with them
  • It often feels divine and peaceful. At ease.
  • They may want to be our guides and help us with our lives or their owners lives. Give the owners/guardians messages for big life decisions. 
  • We can pass on the messages from the animals so the owner/guardian know they are doing well.
  • That everything is done right and then the owner/guardian, can get on with their grief.
  • * Note, I pointed out 3 points, since these things are usually correct, but that may be different in a few cases. So be aware of it. Ask the animal again. Get details.


How we support animals to get over on the other side.

How can we best support animals to move on. First of all, we must respect their free will.


Respect for the free will:

Some animals decides to die. There may be many reasons for that. It may be due to illnes, or they can't or don't want to stay with their family anymore. Maybe it's a sign of distress and deeptfelt trauma. That trauma may be a trauma, that the picked up from their owner/guardian. So be aware of that. Also in how much details you're passing on the message from the animal. I had a client, whose cat died. The person is an animal lover- no doubt, but had at that time a very stressfull time of that persons life. So the cat got so taken away by that persons trauma, and the cat decided- the only way to teach the person a lesson a to give herself (ie. the cat) relieve, she had to die. She was healthy, but overnight she died. The person was in shock, but I couldn't pass on the message. The person couldn't/and didn't want to hear the truth at the time being. So here it's important to be sensitve to both beings. If I had forced my will on to the other person, maybe I could have given her an even bigger trauma to deal with. Of course every situation is individual and different. But be sensitive and listen with your heart what is right.

You have probably heard of elderly people who have decided to die,  and then they lay down and die. We have to respect the free will of any sentient being. We are the merely the messengers between animals and humans. .

If an animal has decided it's time, we must support animals and owner/guardian the best we can. We can only fascilitate what the animal tells us. 

Be gentle in the way you deliver your message. Introducing that the animal may be about to pass away. Ask the animal what they want. And be in contact with the owner/guardian regularly whilst this period is happening.

To go over  to the other side with full support and when it's time:

Here we help the animal when it's time to transit. Most animals, if it happens naturally, wants to be alone and a little away from us people.

It can be either because they will protect their owner/guardian from sensing and feeling their pain. But also because they're animals, and in a natural surrounding, they would withdraw, when it's time.

Ask if they want calming music like meditation music, or healing music, incense, candles, maybe some favorite food, blankets etc. It's just important to give them what they want.

When is that time?

Again talk to the animal and ask if they know or not. If they don't know speak to the owner, and always stay in tune with the vet as well. Ask them their advice.

But let the animal be heard as the first thing.It's important to have a dialogue with everyone involved (the animal, the human family and the vet).

A lot of people are afraid if they do the right thing- having an animal put to sleep. Is it too soon or late. That's why it's good to have an animal communicator- who can support and facilitate the messages between the species.

It is clear that if the animal is in severe pain, then it might be a good solution for them to be put down. It's all an individual situation. So again, use your common sense.

Distant healing - To put an intention from the heart:

As a genuine support for the animal, we can offer to do a distant healing.

Just to relieve them from pain or anything else.

  • So if the animal allows it, send an intention from your heart where you send light and love to the animal.
  • You can also heal every single chakra depending on what the situation is.
  • Feel the intention comes from your heart. Feel unconditional love, purity, warm sensation, calmness.
  • Generally you  will feel your body a lot when it comes from the heart.
  • A sense of natural flow. You can then set a time frame, for how long the healing will have to run. You will just receive the answer, when asking.
  • If it is the ego, you will often be in your head just pushing through with the healing and messages from the animal.

When losing a pet it's you're not allowed a day off "sick" -in mourning. But it's important to take time for the mourning process. The same as when losing a person close to you.

A grief process takes time and a loss can take a long time to overcome. Especially if the deceased has been in the family for a long time. Give them time and  space to go through the process and share with people who understand.

It can be a very beautiful process to do as an animal communicatior. A nice way to let the owner/guardian and animal say goodbye to each other. Allow your heart to be open to a new animal in the family when it's time. Don't give up on an animal, because you're afraid of losing it. It's all about learning to detach yourself, and let go. As the most important aspect in life, is to live fully with love from your heart:)

 NB: Remember to send me your full name as you want it, on your certficate. Mail: petcoachingdanmark@gmail.com

I'll will then forward the certificate to you.


Isabella Carmen Johansson