Dear Animal Friend,

Welcome to CLASS 2.


In this class we will work with positive affirmations and meditations to  be able to keep opening our intuitive channel and changing our mindset about ourselves.

I recommend to use the positive affirmations as often as possible. The morning time before the thoughts starts rolling or any other time if not possible then. They are also recorded on an audio file. The same with the meditation. If this is not possible, try to do so before opening social media, news, etc. so your brain will not be too affected by all the input (often negative). 


Positive affirmations:

I am a divine being
I am intuitive and spiritual person
I welcome my spirituality
I welcome my intuition
My contact with animals is through my intuition
I listen with my heart and my intuition to animals
I listen in silence
I let go of disturbing thoughts
I release all unsuitable patterns of negativity, fear, doubt, shame and guilt.
I open my heart
I put the intention into my heart
I allow transformation to my highest purpose
I allow my heart and mind to  be open for joy, vitality, hope, vitality, balance and calm in the nervous system.
I believe everything I want can be done
I receive healing and old wisdom every day, penetrating my body and mind.
My past is not as important as my present
Today, I connect to nature and animals with my intuitive wisdom
I love to manifest and I can
I prove what I believe - I can talk to animals
I feel the emotions of animals and hear their thoughts
I believe and trust I can manifest my feelings
I always have faith in being able to talk to and listen to animals
I always have confidence and belief that I can do everything

Audio file positive confirmations:


Download audio

Animal Communication:

Here are some suggestions on how to practice your intuitive abilities when you are in contact with animals. You can communicate with animals "live" or on a picture. Often, an image is better as you can sit quietly with yourself without interfering elements. If it's a picture, you have to be able to see the animal's eyes (looking towards the camera) and with no other people / animals in the picture. You should also have a picture of the animal from the side, to check for any pain and check their energy system.

  • Make sure your body is relaxed. Exercise - it doesn't matter what kind of exercise. But make sure to release and let go of tension and ground yourself. Go for a walk in nature or a swim is always nice.
  • Focus on your breath. It sounds easy, it is easy, and yet breathing or being aware of how we breathe is complicated to us humans. Start by a deep inhalation through your nose and exhale and let go through your mouth. You can ad a sound if you need to. Repeat 3-5 times. Focus on letting go negativity, tension and noisy thoughts.
  • Focus on listening in silence. Imagine sending your attention to your third eye between your eyebrows. Feel  the energy and the heat spread on the forehead. Imagine pulling the curtains away from the "eye" and opening your connection to your intuition.
  • Focus on opening your crown chakra. Pay attention to your crown chakra on the top of your head. Notice the energy and heat that flows from your head. Imagine that you draw divine white light from the universe down through your body and cleanse yourself. Ground yourself by imagine roots coming out of your feet into the ground. 
  • Focus on your heart. Universal - unconditional love. Send attention down to your heart - notice the heat, the colour (green / pink), the energy of your heart. Send love to yourself, everyone around you, the earth, the universe. Or if you are going to communicate with an animal. Send lots of love to the animal. Embrace the animal with your heart colour / energy. 
  • Ask a simple question. Start by introducing yourself, with your name and ask if the animal wants to talk to you. It's ok to get a no. Like us, animals may also need peace and days where they are more introverted. Or it may be that your chemistry does no thank you. Set your intention from the heart. Visualize your message to the animal. Ask a simple question. You NEVER start with emotional complicated questions. Start tuning into general characteristics to tune in to the energy of the animal.Listen in silence to what's coming. Tell your animal; how beautiful and lovely they are. That you love them. They LOVE it.
  • Trust the first thing that comes to you. The answer comes quickly. If not, it's often because your intellect or ego has taken over. If you are in doubt about the answer, ask in detail what the animal means. Their perception is often different to ours. Speaking "Animal" is like learning a new language. So allow yourself to make mistakes, and be patient.
  • Say thanks to the animal when you are done. Make a heart bubble around each of you, by separating your energies. Two separate bubbles of heart energy.
  • Ground yourself into your body. Imagine that roots grow into the ground from your soles - feet. 
  • Put action behind your words. If we do not act on what we asked for, the animals lose faith in us. So, in the end, they do not want to communicate with us. It's important if you' ve said that you want to change something, then go do it.                     Then you show that you are a true friend. If you know you can not keep what you promise, do not promise it. They will appreciate that. You are building a relationship of trust, and the animal must know that it can count on you for more vulnerable emotional situations. If you do not have their trust, they will not open up and tell you about physical / mental symptoms. Then they  will shut you off completely and do not want to talk to you. You never want to go up to a stranger and ask "Have  you suffered any abuse in your life / or do you have cancer?"- before saying "hello ", and building a relationship from trust, before you start talking about any deeper issues, whether a professional or private relationship.
  • So always start with something easy like food, favorite activity, etc. Act on it and build a relationship, just as you do with a human being.Then you can start developing the deeper relationship.
  • Important. If an animal,you know or a wild animal shows signs of pain or other signs of something that can be treated, ALWAYS contact a VET before an animal communicator. It is important to understand that even if you can communicate with animals, you can NOT diagnose. Find a vet who thinks more holistic, for example, and would like to refer to alternative animal treatment. This is especially important if you should continue as a professional, at some point. People often want to help out of their good hearts, but vets and science is not the enemy. It's a very good thing to collaborate with them. Check your animal communicators. What is their background? Check their web / fb. Does it look professional? Do you trust them? Do you (and your animals) have a good chemistry with the person? Use your "gut feeling" intuition.

Open your heart meditation:


Download audio



What is my mental state today? My state of my body?  Is it for example my pain in my back or the animal I can feel? So you learn to distinguish between your things and the things of others.

Talking with animals:

Freja, born 2016 became 1,5 years old -departed.

  1. General Characteristics
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. Are there other animals in your home?
  4. Which animalst?
  5. How many?
  6. What colour are the animals?
  7. Who is your best friend? Describe colour, species
  8. Are you in love? With whom? Describe colour, species etc.
  9. Where is your favorite sleeping place? Describe the place, colours, surroundings.
  10. What is your favorite job?
  11. What is your favorite toy?
  12. Where is your favorite area to go when you're outside? Describe the area.
  13. How do you feel emotionally? Describe if unbalanced.
  14. How does your body feel?  If  anything happened - decribe when it happened and details about it.
  15. Do you have a message to humans - in general?
  16. Do you have a private message for the person communicating with you?
  17. Do you have a mission / work here on earth?
  18. Other?


Finally, spend some time with your own good animal friends. Sit down and just stay with them or take time to play and jump around with them. Have fun and enjoy :)



Isabella Carmen Johansson