Dear Animal friend,

Welcome to CLASS 6.

Now it's about getting deeper into your practice as animal communicatior.

To overcome blockages. Find your strong traits in how you communicate  with animals. Begin to find your own way and style of communicating. Personally I always, found it easy to work with behavioral problems. Because I have some pshycology and body therapy background. On my yoga retreats I always make sure that we laugh, have a good time and enjoy ourselves. To let go of doing things right, look perfect or being self-important. I personally truly believe in pure love and happiness is the key to releasing a lot of our negativity.

What's your background, and how can you use it as an animal communicator?

What would you like to focus on working with animals?

What do you enjoy doing with animals?

Reflect on your communication style. 

Deepening the inner work with yourself:

Here we focus on the inner process and on how you're doing.

  • Where am I in regards to my communication?
  • What is my good traits when communicating?
  • How do I overcome fear and ego?
  • What is my blockages?
  • How can I get through blockages.
  • What is it that keeps me from believing in myself?
  • Trusting my answers?
  • Do I have a personal agenda with the animal/owner/guardian? Or does my communication comes from a pure place?
  • Am I a good listener? With both humans and animals?
  • Do I talk a lot or interrupt? Humans and animals?

The YES-NO-YES model is good, when you want to change a particular behavior in an animal.

This level generally requires some more insight and work with yourself to solve the blockages that sometimes come, difficult situations with animals / owners.

Becoming aware of when you have your agenda in relation to an animal. Do you project your emotions/feelings into the animal? 



  • Where am I compared to when I finished the last 5 classes?
  • Write 25 positive things about yourself and your strong traits in communicating with animals and your intuitive abilities.
  • Write 10 blockages that prevent you from flowing, communicating with animals, and being in touch with your intuitive skills.
  • Acknowledge what is your challenge/blockage and say it out loud; For instance I’m blocking myself because I WANT these particular answers NOW (patience/fear blockage)?
  • Ask what is the agenda with my animal communication?
  • Look at the blockage and write down what it gave you as a positive partner, and how you can learn from i, and use that?
  • Write 10 positive affirmations or actions that can help you release those blockages.
  • Release the blockages by saying or writing it out loud, that you don’t need that protection anymore.
  • You can if you want; write down the things that you would like to let go of, on a piece of paper and drown it or burn it. To make a small ceremony for yourself.
  • Write down 10 positive things about yourself- your character.
  • Then put on your favorite song. Jump around - let go of control- be crazy -  play- scream- shout -do weird funny movements -just have fun.



This week's meditation is not guided. It's about listening in silence - just being.

  • Sit down  in nature or in a nice surrounding.
  • Make sure  you're not disturbed the next 15-30 mins.
  • Put your phone on flymode until the meditation is over.
  • Then focus on your breath and listen to the sounds that are in nature or next to you.
  • It may be helpful to sit with a cat that is purring, a dog sleeping or your horse chewing.
  • Otherwise listen to the birds, the water, the trees or what's near where you are sitting. 
  • Focus on your breath as soon as you feel that you lose your concentration and thoughts and sensations start taking over. Then return to the sounds and just be.
  • Sit for approx. 15-30s mins.
  • Then focus on the your body and breath again. 
  • Sense your body and the contact with the ground.
  • Become aware of your surroundings.
  • Then stretch out your arms towards the sky- place your hands in front of your heart and thank yourself.

Normal challenges when communicating with animals: 

Reflect on the following sentences.

  • You would like to be the best, and do well and you want it so much that you actually block your own energy and flow trying to achieve. So you try too much and then you block your energy flow and do not receive anything. Because you would like a reply. Any reply.
  • Your projecting your feelings or the fear of the answer to the animal and  in to the communication you receive. Maybe you're  you are afraid of the answer (either because you do not want to hear it or want a specific answer).
  • So while sometimes it's a good idea to help friends with animals, it can also be difficult if we are emotionally involved, so be aware of these situations. What is your ego who wants to help animals and the guardian (maybe your friend) - and what's "pure" information. Sometimes life and reality are not what we want at that time.
  • The fear of NOT receiving the correct answers from the animals, so you do not actually receive any information at all or start using the intellect.
  • If you have a job where you use your intellect and are not used to working intuitively or with your body. You are slightly out of your comfort zone and therefore you tend to rationalize your answers.
  • It's important to stay grounded in your body- and not fly off in to  the "airy fairy" world.
  • You must be grounded, centered and present when communicating with animals. Animals are grounded even though they are a bee, for example.
  • Animals have close contact with the earth, the ocean, the trees, etc.
  • Therefore grounding, grounding, grounding, is so important as part of doing animal communication.
  • Good and nutritious diet, exercise and sleep always helps as well.


Some exercises for you:

  • Recognize what is your challenge when communicating with animals. Say it out loud. For example. " I block because I just want an answer NOW".
  • Visualize your blocking, maybe giving it a shape and ask what you can learn from it.
  • Go out and connect with nature. Sit down and breath outside. Just be.
  • Act like a child, jump around, laugh, scream, play with your dog / cat / hamster, etc. Release all the control in your body.
  • Be aware of your own agenda when communicating with animals.
  • What negative patterns do you have from your life?
  • When do leave yourself energetically, and "jump" into the animal (or other people) and leave yourself?
  • When are you at home in your body / yourself? You do not necessarily have to solve them or go into them, but you have to be aware of what's there and what's different when working with animal and human relationships. An easy way to sense that. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, tired, think it's everyone else's fault, go into what others think, emotionally affected, by taking on and acting out, other peoples emotions. Then it's often because you're out of yourself energetically.
  • When grounded and at home in your own body, it's easy to sense what goes on in your body. To feel connected to the ground. Then it's a lot easier to accomodate other peoples difficulties.
  • The truth is not always nice to hear. But to create a good communication between animals and people, then find out when you are authentic in your communication in your life and when not.
  • Do something nice. Selfcaring and use your body. Bring pleasure and enjoyment into your everyday life.
  • We often forget to take care of ourselves, when we would like to help others.
  • But if we do not take care of ourselves, it's harder to help others. Not saying, we have to be be in the zen all the time.
  • But more about coming aware who we are, and where we get challenged.
  • Rehearse just listening when sitting with friends and family as well. We often tend to come up with advice and take over the conversation, especially if one party comes with a problen. We often do it to help in good faith.
  • Practice just being present, use your natural breath and listen. Then see what happens.
  • Rehearse resetting yourself and all the thoughts (often problems) that spins around your head. Focus on your breath.
  • Allow your animals to teach you to be present at the moment - we are talking about it all the time, but it's so hard for us humans. Animals are all natural !!!
  • Enjoy:)



Animals live in the present, they generally think that people worry too much.

As humans we can quickly get into a vicious circle of fear, concern and doubt about ourselves, and worries about others, as well.

"We have to stop that now "- say the animals.

Therefore, when we talk to the animals, it is important that we send pictures / intentions of the positive behaviour we want them to do.

If we do not want Fido to pee on the couch, we should not think that picture. Instead, we should visualize that Fido is in the garden peeing.

So if you want your cat to stay in your garden and not go out on the road. Then try this:

  1. Visualize your cat in the garden and the boundaries of the garden-notice it in the stomach / heart- send a V character (green) or a YES - using the love intention.
  2. Visualize your cat running out on the road and gets hit by a car (I know it's hard, but we have to be brutal and detailed in order for the animals to get our message, because they're so much in the present) see blood, intestines etc. - send an X - (red) - or a NO - be strict and keep the animals focus.
  3. Visualize your cat in the garden and the boundaries of the garden-feel it in your stomach / heart- send a V sign (green) or a YES re-amplify it with positive loving thoughts.
  4. Try the exercise on your own animals. Insert the situation that you would like to change with your animals.It doesn't have to be so dramatic as the road situation. Start rehearsing with a small issue and then you can add more serious behavioral issues later. When you feel, that you control the exercise.

Intuitive Exercise: 

This week you get 2 pictures of two different containers.

  • Sit down and get in touch with your breath and try to visualize if you can sense the textures and things that are inside the containers.
  • Explore the colour, texture, material, etc.
  • t's a hard exercise, so do not be frustrated if you block.
  • But this is a great exercise for when you want to want something too much and maybe produce your own answers.
  • So sit in silence, listen to your intuition and see what's coming. 
  • Enjoy :) 



Isabella Carmen Johansson