Dear Animal friend,

Welcome to CLASS 8.

When an animal is lost, it's often a very emotional situation. Often it's stressfull, due to the timefactor- of how long the animal has been lost. It's very difficult to work with tracking, and "jumping" in to the animals body. It will take a lot of effort. Because, this is one of those situations, where you just want to find the animal. You really want to connect with the animal, and bring them and their guardian/owner out of their distress. And because we're human, we start to worry, and fear the worst case scenario. So this is an ultimative test for us as animal communicators, to listen- really listen with our heart to the animal.

And sometimes the animal left, because, they didn't want to live with that family anymore. Especially cats do that. When being able to talk to animals. I personally think that we're the facilitator of the animal. Therefore we have to respect their wishes. At the same time we have to use our common sense, our pshycological knowledge and our intuition to deal with the guardian/owner as well.

Be aware that you're not projecting your wishes on to the client. Be aware of your own boundaries. And if unsure about an answer or an information. Tell them. We're humans as well, not robots.

I had a client, that needed me to find her young cat. We both had the message that he was dead. I helped her track him, even though it took a long time. But we didn't find him. So she kept searching in the area I described, on her own.  Sometimes the animals - is too scared or in between worlds. Then you can experience, a sort of blur.  We hung up, and she was of course in tears. Then an hour later she calls me. Just to tell me she found him alive. I was amazed - and happy. But shocked about the information I got. How could that happen? And we both had the same feeling. Well, the cat, he had been so scared. He told me afterwards. He had heard a big sound (from a truck), and remember he was very young. He was so close to the truck, that he actually got paralized- first jumping into a strangers garage - and hiding. He felt so numb and in shock, that when talking to him. He could ony send out information, similar to the one I would receive, if he had died. I thanked him afterwards. Because, that was a big lesson for me to learn. Always ask twice. Check whether it could be the animal in distress or anything else, before assuming anything. If you block or get stuck, then leave the situation, and come back to it. 

Think about how you deal with people whether you're a professional therapist or just an empath, comforting your friends. In this case, you have to deal with both the human and the animal. Respect both.

Tracking animals:

  • First of all, talk to the owner/guardian and find out a little bit about the background of the missing. Did any situations occur beforehand? Did the animal change it's behaviour  prior to being lost? Ask the guardian/owner a bit about their own personality Do they want to hear the truth if you find the animal has departed or not? Do they want to know about possible injuries? The annimals emotional state of mind? Respect both what the animal wish for - and the guardians wishes. 
  • Be gentle delivering these messages to the guardian/owner.
  • Be on the phone  with the person maybe on skype with a camera. You can guide them towards the area, and the place where the animal is either hiding or trapped.
  • Communicate with the animal as normal and ask for surroundings, characteristics, etc.
  • Pretend "jumping" in to the animal, by imagining that you become small like a butterfly and fly out of your crown chakra. Ask the animal if you're aloud into their crown chakra, and fly in through their crown chakra. Then you can perceive the world as if you were the animal itself.
  • Remember to fly out of the animal and into your own crown chakra again when you finish and ground yourself, feel the connection with the ground under your feet.
  • You can talk to the animal as normal, and be next to them, guide them. Let them show you the surroundings etc.
  • You can also visualize that you send light from the owner's door to the animal and back again so that you can guide them  home.
  • Rehearse this on some of your friends animals you do not know so well, and ask for their surroundings. Ask your friends with animals if they can take their animals outside, and go for a walk/drive.
  • Then concact that  animal and ask for all the details in the surroundings.
  • It's all about rehearsing this skill-  especially if we can help get some animals home in good condition.
  • Practice with a friend / colleague / neighbour's animals. Send your summarized answer as to how it was to be the animal. Please write your reflection on how it was to track an animal as well.

 Meditation for concentration:

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  • Put yourself in a quiet place
  • Get in touch with your breath
  • Focus on an object (not human or animal) outside of yourself
  • It may be a plant, flower, tree or flame on a candle
  • Continue focusing your view of the object until you almost melt into the object
  • Sit for a few minutes from 5-10 minutes (or longer if you are used to meditating)
  • Breathe naturally
  • When done, draw your focus back out in to the world
  • Observe your breath and body
  • Move your toes and fingers
  • Move your body and come back to yourself and get out of meditation
  • Enjoy


Isabella Carmen Johansson