Dear Animal friend,

Welcome to CLASS 9.

This class is all about everything that crawls and flies. YES, it's insect time and time to have fun and play.

Insects are beautiful, fun and often have a nice light energy vibe about them. They love to play, and raise our vibes. They're often misunderstood. A lot of people are being afraid of them. Getting annoyed when flying or buzzing around our heads. But remember every being in this world, has a function, even though it's not in our favour, from a human prosepct. Because they're not mammals, it can be difficult to maintain their focus. It can be, if you're not aware, a very fluffy "airy fairy" vibe when in contact with them. So stay grounded and stay focused. 

I had a red dragonfly one Summer, that was bumping into me, sitting on my chest at least 10 times, so he was sure I had understood  and received his message completely. Basically, it was about a big change, tranaformation. About putting action behind the words message. Acknowledge the fact, that they can be very persistent when initiating contact. Very different to mammals. Because these funnny little creatures WILL keep on flying, climbing and buzzing around you, until you have understood their message.

Exercise 1:

  • Next time you see an insect- be still and wait for it's message.
  • Then think of a fun insect experience you've had.
  • Remember a situation where you just knew this little animal wanted something and kept on returning to you.
  • Many reject insects. Especially flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders, etc. Because of fear or because we do not want them to harass us.
  • Next time talk to the fly or the mosquito.
  • If there is an insect in your window, talk to it and ask, to fly out, while you open the window. Or let them crawl into a glass and let them out.
  • If you don't want to be stung by mosquitoes. Tell them and visualize them flying around maybe within a safe distance from your body. Maybe 20-30 cm away from you. So you can live side by side.

They can be difficult to talk to. With mosquitos and flies you have to repeat the message again and again. 

 Mindfulness with an animal meditation:

Download audio


Animal talk:

  • Tune in and feel your own energy - how dou you feel today? Emotional state?
  • What state are your body in?
  • Tune in to the pictures below of the different insects.
  • Decide what you want to ask and how much you want to talk to them.
  • Tune in with the normal procedure- getting in contact with your heart.... etc.
  • When do you catch the animal's energy?
  • When does your own fear or prejudice take over?
  • Remember to tune out again. Seperating yourself and the animal.
  • Ground yourself. 
  • Find a picture of an animal that you fear. Or dislike.
  • Then repeat the above procedure.
  • Ask the animal about simple things- like what it loves to do as an activity, favorite food, friends, etc.
  • Only this time write the animals response to your questions as well as your own thoughts on another piece of paper.
  • Your own inner dialogue could be; - "I'm afraid"; " I sweat " ; " My heart is jumping in my body" ; "My breath is shallow - almost hyperventilating" ; or "Do not get closer," .So you write down all the sensations in your body, thoughts and emotions. Don't edit yourself. Get it all out of the system.
  • At the same time you feel the personality of the animal and how it is influenced by your feelings about not loving it / being afraid of it. Allow tears, anger, love all sorts of feelings to go through your system.
  • Then you compare your inner dialogue with yourself to the outer dialogue with the animal.
  • When finished, tune out again seperating yourself from the animal.
  • Ground yourself.
  • Allow all sensations, emotions and let them run through your body. It's not the reality. It's just old shadows and maybe experiences and beliefs you have, connected with that animal.
  • This helps you to become aware of the emotions, sensations and thoughts, connected to your fear or prejudice.
  • Write your responses from the insects and your reflections on the energy, and your own reaction towards them. Rehearse at least on 2 of the animals.


Let me tell you about my own story. I panicked - litterally got paralized when I saw a spider. Ever so small. I travelled the world. Still do. Places and jungles with huge tarantulas and other spiders. Many sleepless nights  where my travel companions, have been awakened by me, crying, moaning and praying for my life. Just in case I saw a spider. I gave my family many heart attacks, screaming, as if acting out a horror film. It started controlling my life and my way of thinking when travelling to far away destinations.

So I thought to myself. This is it- it has to change. I have to face my fear, when being able to speak to animals as well.

I faced my fear, and was helped by a beautiful tarantula. Apparently, they die if you drop them from high up in the air. She was also vulnerable. Spiders, are so misunderstood, and we tend to think, they're disgusting or ugly. That they WANT to chase us. That's a selfish thought. Animals, don't want to hurt us on purpose. If a lion wants to attack us, it's because we're enterignhis domaine or he's been starving. He's just surviving. The same we would do, if we were in the same situation. 

So think about being in a room full of peope, that dislikes you. Have strong emotional reactions towards you, and maybe wants to kill you. This is what spiders often get. So when I was talking to "my" tarantula, she was scared in the beginning. She didn't like the energy in the room. Then I started crying, because I felt her sadness so strong. How could I have been so selfish, as to think that she didn't feel anything. When I was ready she reached out to hold my hand with one leg. She knew that was enough. Later she crawled all the way into my hand, when I was ready. It was a lifechanging and beautiful experience.

If you want to release and let go of your fear and phobia all together you can contact me for more info about an 1:1 or group intensive programme. Write to: petcoachingdanmark@gmail.com 








Isabella Carmen Johansson