Dear Animal Friend,

Welcome to a world of animal communication.

You don't  have to have any experience with animals or have worked with them. You do not have, to have your own animals. As long as you have an open heart and are interested in learning a new language, you will come a long way.


  • Start by finding a notebook, a piece of paper, or your computer that you can write reflections on continuously. This is only for yourself and not for me or anyone else to see.
  • Then write what you think animal communication is?
  • Do you know if / or do you think that you can talk to animals or have a connection with them?
  • What do you think animal communication can be used for?
  • What does animal communication mean to you?

The subtle intuitive language between humans and animals also called - interspecies communication, is a heart opening language- You will learn to listen and talk with an open heart- with love and compassion.



Should you be psychic or have special abilities to communicate with animals?

Animal communication is an ability to tune in to your intuition and rely on it. To sit down and listen in silence to the messages we receive. Rely on our feelings our instinct. All people have the ability. We just forgot how to use it. So tune in to your intuition, and the right sie of your brain.

We often use our logic and our words to define things with. But have you ever thought of a person, and two seconds after, you receive a phone call or text from that person? It's intuition. Or similar situations. The fact is, that most people have used their intuition (both men and women), at some point in their life. Their stomach sensation, gut - feeling, perhaps when choosing a new career or becoming involved with a romantic partner etc. Often we don't know how to verbalise it, but we just KNOW we have to make that choice or not. It's not magic or mystical. It's our intuition. Beacuse we're so detached from it, it feels weird or strange. Maybe we don't even know how it feels. Beacuse if we're not connected to our bodies then we're not able to feel anything. To integrate our work, our dreams, and our feelings. We have to do bodywork (yoga or simliar things). We tend to discard  the sensations we get from our body or our intution.

Now you will have the chance to change all that. To do bodywork and strenghten your intuition. To regain that trust in yourself.

Does the animals tell everything about their owner?

Like humans, animals are private. Of course, they only tell what they themselves think we should hear. They cherish those whom they love. As well as we cherish those we love. The animals also do not tell everything about themselves. Neither shall they. Every being has the the right to be private.

Are all animals alike? Do they have different personality?

Animals have as many different personalities as humans. Animals can be silly, selfish, angry and anything else we can. I once talked to an adult cat, who was very childish in his way of speaking and his behavior. But that was just his personality. Or a fishing heron with a deep voice I met some time ago. Later I met a fishing heron with a very slender voice and a shy behavior. So even though they all have behaviors that fit the species they are. They also have their own personality. Nor should we change it, but just learn how to understand it.

I can NOT talk to animals?

Everyone can talk to animals. When I teach in the beginning  of a yogaretreat, people often say - "I can not do yoga". Well, maybe you have not tried it, but everyone can make movements with the body. Perhaps in different degrees of freedom depending on the body. But everyone can move their bodies on some level. The same with animals. Maybe you are not aware of it. But everyone can listen and receive a message from another person or animal. Most dogs or cats owners are absolutely sure when the animals tell them that they are hungry, want to take a walk or go out into the garden. It is not just the body language of the animals. They also send visual images to you, for example. "Fill the food bowl up". Just as we see in a cartoon thought bubble.

Animals do not have a free will and mission here on earth?

Animals have as much free will as our humans. in any event, if we give them the freedom to do so. It's a collaboration to keep animals.

If you're a pet parent of geckos, horses, birds, dogs or cats, it's a collaboration. I have experienced cats who have chosen to settle somewhere else, because of the environment. Or a horse or dog that was so stressed about being in a specific home that they had to go somewhere else to live.

Like we humans, not everyone is a match. Animals also have a mission or a job here on earth. Some may need to create peace at home, or heal other beings. They all have to teach us life lessons. So think about what is your life lesson. Because, the animals that we're surrounded by, chose us. Some may have a more overall mission like helping people understand that visions should take care of nature.

Should you eat healthy, practice yoga, meditating, to be able to speak to animals?

Not at all. Basically, it is always good to keep your body healthy with exercise, good nutrition and joy in life. But this is an overall tip that applies to everything. And yes, bodywork always helps us, to get more in contact with our intuition. You should not have any prerequisites for anything when you start with animal communication. But it is clear that you should practice your skills if one day, you  will become a professional animal communicator. 

Animal Communication Background:

Animal communication is not about being spiritual, or "new age" or anything else. Animal communication originates from our ancestors, tribal people, naturalists, native Indians, nature people etc. At one time we were all species of animals that were to survive on the planet. At the time we did not have all technological aids, that we have today. Then all the people, as well as animals, were in contact with their ability to understand, speak and receive messages from nature, the trees, the plants, the sun, the moon and the animals around, as a natural part of life. We still have that ability, and yes it's not one you can post on Instagram. You have to find inside yourself.

We understood what a footprint in the sand meant. When to be aware or not. We knew how to read nature and other species in order to survive.

It has become modern to  find herbs and plants in nature that we can use in our food.

Yes, maybe we go and enjoy nature, but do we use it? Do we understand it? Do we know what it takes to survive. Not that we should go back there and forget our evolusion. But we need to go back and get into the ability we all have to understand and talk to animals, trees, plants and understand the importance of planets and their influence on earth. Finding back to the inner voice, also called intuition. Trust it. Allow us to love unconditionally. All living beings. With unconditional love we come a lot longer than with fear and hatred.

All feelings, thoughts, intentions are energies. They all have vibrations. We have energy centers in our body chakras and meridians -that vibrates. All the energies and vibrations here are different. So when we tune into an animal, we must find "their" vibration energy.

It's like tuning in a radio channel and finding the right frequency. We live today in a society where most people have refrained from using their senses in full. There is no need to be aware of whether a dangerous animal appears and will eat us in the middle of Broadway in NY. But we still use our senses,  if we walk alone in the middle of the night, down the street. Or if sometimes we meet a person where for some reason we can't read their body language and their subtle signals, and then we get scared. 

Through many thousands of years of evolusion, human beings have abandoned themselves from nature. We're distanced. The original tribal people are almost extinct today.

Our story often describes them as illiterate, perhaps even without language. Simplified. Of course it is not at simplistic as that. But we have not appreciated the abilities the native had to offer. It was simply not modern. Because in a modern technological world we do not need time to stand still, and listen to nature and read its tracks. Talking to  animals.

We have built farms, houses for ourselves, and thus pushed animals and nature farther away from our own door. We may not have done it consciously, but did it because for the last many many years we have been in a rapid development with the modern society  without taking a break and noticing what's happening around us.

We know, and it is also scientifically proven that nature provides peace and mindfulness, that it brings us back to ourselves. But what do we give back?

We still think it's strange to communicate with an animal. We must regain our ability to tune ourselves into nature and animals. Put our intention to listen in silence with the heart.

Guide to tune into an animal:

  • You can tune in to an animal anywhere - try if possible to sit outside in the naure
  • Take a piece of paper and pen
  • Put yourself in a comfortable position with the animal in front of or around you
  • Let go of performaning or the end result
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath and take a moment to connect with your breath and feel it all the way, down your stomach.
  • Then contact your heart by putting one hand on heart
  • Send heart energy / love to the animal you want  to get in contact with.
  • Send an intention to be allowed to communicate with them.
  • Be open to receiving the message you receive  whether it's a bodysene, visual, something you hear, phrases or a taste
  • Write down the first thing that comes to you no matter how weird or logical it is
  • Keep writing a couple of minutes or until you get everything down on the paper
  • Turn your focus on your heart again
  • Send a thought of thanks to the animal
  • Focus on your breath and feel your body
  • Open your eyes and feel the room you are in / the floor / ground.
  • When starting to communicte with animals, it's good to try on a friends animal. Because it's always difficult to speak with your own, and getting a true answer, in the beginning. 


Congratulations you have now tried to communicate with a beautiful animal. Do not worry if you feel you could not feel, see or receive anything. This is just the first few steps. The most important thing is the intention. The rest comes. Enjoy.



Isabella Carmen Johanssom