Molly the neighbours dog:

These are the general answers and used as a guideline, to whether you are tuned in to the animals energy or not. Maybe you've got a lot of answers in much more detail or maybe not. The answers should be seen as a guideline as you can not say, no / yes only, and the answers are not always one thing or the other. But some are more close to the truth than others, so it should be perceived as a guideline for your own communication and process. Please inquire when communicating with the animal for more details to practice and deepened your skill.

Generel characteristics:

Very happy and straightforward. But feel a bit agitated when people comes to visit, or if she can feel people do not like her.

What does the house look like that you live in?

She has moved a number of times, under stressful conditions. But she lives in a red house, with large rooms and wooden floors and large windows, and misses the place she moved from. Which was an old big house, with big garden and lots of animals around. She moved away in the beginning of 2018, so she's not the neighbour dog anymore.

How old are you?

4-5 years old.

What is your favorite food?

Meat, beef  and lamb in particular. But all types of meat.

Are there other animals in your home?

No, but a white/reddish cat comes to visit sometimes.

Which animals?


How many animals? 


What colour are the animals?


Who is your best friend? Describe colour, species etc.

Graamis, we enjoy to hang out - or used to. We've moved away from him now, so I miss him. My owner/guardian - but she's not as much home as I would like her to be. 

Are you in love? With whom? Describe colour, species etc.

No, I'm not in love, but I love my owner/guardian al lot, and I love to spend time with her.

Where is your favorite sleeping place? Describe the place, colours, surroundings.

At the end of the bed, cuddling wup against her legs/feet; the dog basket, upstairs and in the chair in the garden.

What is your favorite job in the home?

To make people happy, alet them enjoy life. Just to walk around and smell all the scents in the garden. I just love to live and I love life.

What is your favorite toy?

A plastic yellow ring and a plastic bone.

Where is your favorite area to go when you're outside? Describe the area.

In the garden, by the trees and shrubs, and when I walk in the woods or the area around. Love the sounds and shadows of the trees and their movement, and all the scents in the woods.

How  do feel emotionally?  Describe if unbalanced.

I'm okay, but nervous about other people I do not know. Then my nervous system gets a bit overwhelmed. I do not like if I can not read people's body language.

How does your body feel? If  anything happened - describe when it happened and details about it.

Have had a little pain in the right shoulder, from a previous fall, but nothing serious.

Do you have a message to humans - in general?

Trust and have faith in love and yourself. Just be present. People complicate everything and worry too much. Release your concern and live in the NOW.

Do you have a private message to the person speaking to me?

This is a private message for you.

Do you have a mission / work here on earth?

To give my owner/guardian faith and confidence to trust in love. Trust your journey and your process. Release fears and worries.

Other things?

Live your life NOW!