Wild and Free offers a unique 1:1 private session with you and your pet on skype/phone.

Pet coaching is about connecting you and your animal so you can improve your relationship. You will become aware of your pet’s behavioral and psychological problems, physical pain, traumas and feelings about settling into a new family.

Oftwn our pet is a refelction of how we feel ourselves. When you're affected by stress, overload in your system, in love , tired or just happy your pet will know. They will also get affected by our state of mind in trying to help.

So help your pet by helping yourself.

After connecting with your animal from photos (60 MIN.) I will have a private 60 minute session on skype or phone with you. Our special 190 USD (2 HOURS) per animal - can be done in English/Danish as you prefer.  

I'll need:

  • 1 photo, where I can see the eyes of the animal.
  • 1 photo shot sideways, so I can see the animals body.
  • No other people or animals in the picture.
  • I'll need info such as their name; gender and age. 
  • The questions you would like me to answer.




I'll be the fascilitator bewteen you and your best animal friend. 

  • Behavioral problems
  • Pshychological problems
  • Pains and aches
  • Traumas and settling into a new family
  • You can also use the session to look at any issues with yourself
  • How to portray authentic emotiosn to our pets and people around us.
  • How to connect even deeper with yourself/people around you and your pet.
  • It's your choice!!

Session with your pet includes:

Talking to your animal friend before talking with you (60 mins.)

Talking with you (60 mins.)

Easy toolkit to connect with your pet.




Isabella Carmen Johansson