Why communication with animals can change your life and biz and how to use it.


  1. 5 questionaire + easy start your pet life tools - 32 usd??? eller 19 ??? US

PET kit

5 e-mail questionsires

How to prepare

The family other pets and which stuff

Settling in the family

How are things going

Any omg I need to ask about this

Hygiene problem other

Raising the pet

  1. 1:1 session with your and your pet (1 session of 90 min.) 149 usd INTRO PRICE
  2. 1:1 session with you and your pet (5 session of 90 min) INTRO PRICE 590 usd (installments possible)


How can animals help us understand ourselves better?

Have you ever considered getting a pet, but  too many choices and things you needed to know, then you gave up on the idea. I’ll give you an easy guide to find you pet.

Now I can help you to choose your pet and find the right match between you and the animal, so everyone feels happy.

Get help to find your new best friend. Whether you’re looking for a feathered, fury or another pet.

I can help you find your match.  A pet whether it is in a stable or in your house, is a new member of the family. And to find the right match it’s important to think about what do you want to do with your pet. How is your life situation?

Easy toolkit to connect with your pet

How can animals help us

Pet coaching

  • want to find the perfect pet match for your family
  • The effect of animals om peoples nervous systems
  • the emotianl effect from people - and how it affect your pet
  • the effect of listening to your pet
  • how to reduce stress symptoms with your pet
  • listen to your animals speak and understand them better
  • Easy tools to spesk with your pet
  • Easy tools to parens your pet and your family all in tuen
  • Do you telle your animal whats happening in your day, when you’re leaving/comign bakc, social arrngements in and out of the house
  • Im the fascilitator between you and your pet
  • Integrating your pet into your faily how does it work
  • challenges
  • Body talks
  • Its all about collaboration /samarbejde??? tuning in to each other/listening to your self and to your pet and how to trust that
  • Learn to speak Animal language loud and clear
  • be very clear in your communication with your pet