Talk to Steffen and ask him what message he will give you:

These are the general answers and used as a guideline, to see whether you are tuned in to the animals  energy or not. Maybe you've  got a lot of answers in much more detail or maybe not. The answers should be seen as a guideline as you can not say, no / yes only, and the answers are not always one thing or the other. But some are more close to the truth than others, so it should be perceived as a guideline for your own communication and process. Please inquire when communicating with the animal for more details to practice and deepened your skill.

General characteristics?

Proud old "Army general" - everything must be correct. A very intriguing guy. He gets what he wants in HIS way. He likes to listen and be aware of getting the job done properly. He's very aware and attentive of his surroundings. Educational and at the same time an ALFA male, who does not tolerate any other horse. He is perfectionist. He lived  for 25 years.

What is your favorite food?

Hay and horse food from a green bucket.

Are there other animals in your home?

Yes, when I was alive , there were 7-8 other horses, 3-4 cats, and a dog.

If yes-which? How many? Species?

Cats, dog and horses.

What colour are the animals?

The dog is black and white and brown. The horses are red, black, white. The cats have  dark patterned colours.

Who is your best friend? Describe colours, species, etc.

Minimis, a  longhaired cat walking around and a red horse  -Tony, that follows me, and I can get him to  do everything for me tihii.

Are you in love? With whom? Describe colours, species, etc.

Yes, there was a white beautiful mare. She was very proud and elegant.

Where is your favorite sleeping place? Describe the place, colours, surroundings.

In the nice spacious area, close to the house. It was a big open stable with a high roof. With nice space for us horses.

What is your favorite job?

Working and training people how to handle and ride a horse properly. I love to work.

What is your favorite toy?

Just working in the roundpen or with different obstacles.

Where is your favorite area to go when you're outside? Describe the area.

A field a little further away from the main house where me and my best friend- Tony, can gallop and run around like wild horses. Love it.

How do you feel emotionally? describe in deatil his emotional state.

I am peaceful now, and felt emotional happy I was stimulated through work and looked after in the best way. I had a little bit of a rough time  as a child before I got to my horse owner/guardian.

How does your body feel? Did anything happen -and when?

Now it's all in one with the surroundings.  I'm at peace in a bliss. When I lived, I had trouble with my teeth and lean legs but did not make a fuss about it. I worked through every day and loved every minute og my life.

What is your background story?

I was with an owner, that mistreated me, beacuse I didn't fit the bill, so to speak. I wasn't good enough in his eyes, and therefore he trained me, but in a traditional way. I was very happy to leave, and live with my guardian.

Do you feel happy? Sad?

Now I'm just full on happy - I'm at peace.

How did you depart?

The vet came, and give me the final injections. I was more than ready.

Did you want to depart?

Yes, My body, was done and I didn't want to be an old "fart" just hanging aroung chewing grass. I wanted to work and help people. So I just gave very strong signals to my guardian, that enough was enough. Steffen was my horse at heart - we had a connection, and he ws the one encouraging me to step it up, and speak to animals. His guardian, that he lived with, was a different person. But I was there in the end, with the vet. 

Do you have a message to humans - in general?

Enjoy life while you can. Do not let go of challenges. This is all because you can learn from it. Do not be lazy. Wake up and do what you are put here to earth to do. Take an honour in your work and make yourself worthy of it. You are worthy!

Do you have a private message to the person speaking to you?

This is a private message to you.

Do you have a mission / work here on earth?

Helping people to accomplish their mission in life and guide them in the right direction.

Other things?

 Do not be lazy and irresponsible. Take responsibility for yourself and your life. Commit fully or not! You are more than worthy.