Dear Animal Friend,


You will now have the opportunety to deepen your animal work and your inner work through this course. I'm so happy you're here. That means you will learn to listen to wild animals in the world as well. It's what you can call autenthic listening. Animals don't like if we project or hide our true emotions. They're used to read and sense each others nervous systems to sense and read the signal of other animal species. They know instinctly if that animal means danger to them or not. With the human species it's different. We often hide our true emotions even on a subconscious level, because of our pshycological defense mechanisms and other factors. So when doing interspecies communication, we learn to become aware of our signals and bodysignals as well. 

Our planet and nauture needs all the love and respect that we can give.

Here's a brief introduction to Animal Communication.

What is animal communication?

Everyone can talk to animals. Most of us just forgot how to do it. How to trust that gut feeling, that we all have, men and women. But in our modern world it's been tucked away as a hidden gem.

As children, we have a natural approach to animals, nature and imagination. Children move easily between parallel worlds and understand them intuitively. Generellay speaking, in our culture, the intuitive thinking and body intelligence (right brain- creativity ,amongst other things) is still a bit hippie-like. Fortunately, yoga, meditation and mindfulness helps us to understand that perception.

Often we are raised to not trust our body and intuition. It's not a very academic way of thinking. And it's a field -like meditation, where it's difficult to prove it scientifically. The modern world uses the logical thinking to solve problems (left brain- logical thinking, problem solving, amongst other things). Of course, we have to use and activate both parts of our brains. But for now, we will focus on the the right side of the brain. When working with horses for example, it's proven they use their right side of the brain in their way of percieving the world around them. Most animals uses that, if not all. So we have to connect with them through the right brain. We have to allow us to find our inner child again.

Basically, communication between animals and humans is an intuitive language.  So it's an interspecies communication. A subtle intuitive language - listening with love and compassion. Activating the centers of the right brain.  To see and listen with our hearts instead of our ego and intellect.

So now I will invite you back to your childhood where fantasy does not have limits. To gain joy, happiness and vitality. ENJOY!!


Isabella Carmen Johansson