Dear Animal Friend,

This is a completely new and vibrant  INTENSIVE 12 CLASS LEARN TO SPEAK "ANIMAL" ONLINE COURSE for you that wants to learn to listen and speak with your best animal friend.

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You get easy tools on how to:

  • Learn to read your animals
  • Learn to listen and talk to the animals
  • Meditations to bring you peace and teaches you to be present with your animals
  • You will learn  how to scan an animal
  • To get in touch with deceased animals
  • How to help a lost animal back home
  • Vitality boosts for your system
  • One day a week TUESDAYS - answering mail correspondance between 10am -1pm (CET)
  • Mail: info@isabellajohansson.com
  • Diversity of animals to practice your skills on
  • Certificate when you have completed the LEARN TO SPEAK "ANIMAL" ONLINE COURSE
  • Price:  INTRO OFFER PRICE 430 USDollars  - (Normal price - 550 USDollars)



INTRO CLASS- What is animal communication.

CLASS 1: Find your inner child, reflection questions, listen to an animal, practice on animals. Here the focus is your inner process. How do you start with animal communication. You get some specific exercises to tune in to an animal.

CLASS 2: Meditation and  positive affirmations to yourself, animal communication (detailed), practice with animals. Here you have to work with yourself and your way of thinking. We are constantly sending out energy and images to the world. Animals are very visual and receive our pictures and often our concerns. So practice sending out the things you want, rather than the things you do not want.

CLASS 3: Release your ego and negativity, create your own inner paradise, practice on animals. Here you have to let go of your ego and your negativity. You have come to a place where the ego and old patterns try to keep you in your old mindset.

CLASS 4:  Bodyclearing - cleanse your body, chakra system and the influence of these, practice with animals. This class is about chakras, how we can specifically use them when we communicate with animals and when we heal animals.

CLASS 5: Easy exercises to check minerals and vitamins on animals.  

CLASS 6: Deepening your inner work with yourself. Here we focus on the inner process and blockages. What is it that keeps you from  believing in yourself?  YES-NO-YES  method is good, when you want to change a particular behavior in an animal.

CLASS 7: Wild animal theme. Here the wild animals are invited to join us and teach us as about wildlife as our guest teachers. We review the large groups of wildlife. 

CLASS 8: How to "jump" into  an animal and "tracking" an  animal. We practice how to "track" an animal when it is gone and how to handle the situation around this.

CLASS 9: Insect theme. This class is in the sign of the insects. A beautiful blend of everything that crawls, scratches and even flies :) We learn a little about how to maintain the energy of insects. How we can learn to live with the small creatures we might fear. And how we all can exist in cohesion.

CLASS 10: Bodyscan on a human versus animal + shelter animals. We practice here to scan a human body and an animal. Is there a difference between what is yours and the animal's pain.

CLASS 11: How do we help animals on to the other side and contact them. In this last comprehensive class, we will contact some animals on the other side. But also practice how we can support the animal on its last journey on to the other side.



My personal experience from a 5 week course of - LEARNING TO SPEAK "ANIMAL"

We have been raised to believe we cannot speak to animals and that our intuition can not be trusted. Some of the only people left are the Native Indians who can smell, feel and sense the animals  as a natural part of their lives.

With Isabella's guidance, you can say that you get an eye opener, on many different levels.

Through knowledge, meditation and training, you get back to what your roots. You learn to be open, tune in and talk to the animals through telepathy.

You submit written assignments about the animals, and for every week through  meditations and inner guidance work with yourself, more and more parts of yourself are opened up. So it actually ends with you almost feeling, you are the animal, that you are telepathing with.

This huge gift will also give you more insight into, for example, the mental state of the animal, physical, trauma, etc. and in this way it will help us to help them

To me it has been a huge success and I have been confirmed - that I am able to speak to animals and trust my intuition.

Henriette JS Andersen






Why is this something for me?

Because when being in a non verbal communication between species and between humans as well, it connects you with your intuition.

It makes you understand how your body signal works and to respect and understand the other being as well better.


Do I need a special background to sign up?

No, everyone can listen and speak to animals. Whether you’re a scientist, engineer, healer or therapist it doesn’t matter. You just have to be open to think new ways.


Do I have to be believe it og be spiritual?

No, you don’t have to believe in anything other than being open to listen and tune in to another being an being in tune with yourself.


Do I need to have experience with animals?

You don’t need to have any experience at all. As long as you would like to deepen your relationship with yourself and our animal friends, then this is something for you.


What are the benefits?

You’ll get a better understanding of animals behaviour, other people and yourself. How do you reach out to the world? What is your non verbal language - and do you get what you want or do you feel misunderstood?

Have you ever been in nature and just felt a connection with nature, as if you were one- a wholeness. This is how you can feel when becoming aware of how you perceive the world and how the world perceives you.


Practical info:

Full online 12 class online course you’ll get a certificate after a  completed course.

Sign up now for  the 12 class LEARN TO SPEAK "ANIMAL" ONLINE COURSE - ready to start as soon as you bought the course.

Price: 430  USDollars  - (Normal price - 550 USDollars)

Installments possible.






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